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Verónica Quiles López, Degree in History from the University of Alicante and in Social and Cultural Anthropology by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. Professional Archaeologist


Daniel Amores González.Degree in Tourism, University of Alicante. Collaborator of the Tourist Department, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.

Gaspar Belmonte Martínez. Municipal Archivist of Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Roque Belenguer Barrionuevo.Biologist and contributor of the Ecology Department of the University of Alicante.

Isidro Buades Ripoll. Official Chronicler of Sant Joan d’Alacant.

José Antonio Carbonell Martínez. Assistant Professor PhD of the Department of General Didactics and Specific Didactics of the University of Alicante.

María del Carmen Climent Climent. Chef and neighbour of Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Joan Chápuli Fernández. Advisor and Secretary of the Compromis Municipal Group, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.

José Ángel Espinós Sanjuán. President of the Music Society La Paz.

Ignacio Ferreiro Prieto. President of the Association Camins Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Humberto García Colomina. History degree, University of Alicante. Professional Archaeologist. Master degree in Archaeology by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Conxa Gosálvez Ramos. Manager of the, Municipal Library, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.

Juan Antonio Llor Ruiz. President of the Foundation Museum Fernando Soria.

Juan López Sala. Creator of the Blog about the Cropland Towers of Alicante – Plinthus.

Pilar Martínez Hernández. Officer of the Culture Department, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council

Miguel Martínez Perallón. Landscape Architect.

Darío Moreno i Alzuyet. Officer of the Environment Department, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.

Julián Pascual del Pobil Jordán. Member of the Association Camins Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Tomàs Àngel Pérez Aracil. Owner of the farmhouse L’Almàssera del de Morote.

Carlos Ramos Pastor. History Degree and Master in Professional Archaeology and Integral Management of the Heritage, University of Alicante.

Verónica Quiles López. Tourist Route Guide, historian, archaeologist and social and cultural anthropologist.

María Teresa Riquelme Quiñonero. PhD in History, University of Alicante.

Fini Rochel Icardo. Officer of the Youth Department, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.

Vanessa Romà Beneyto. Advisor of the Decido Municipal Group and Officer of the Tourism Department, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.

Joaquín Santos Matas. Executive Director of the Museum Fernando Soria.

Francisco Terol Vázquez. President of the Club de Pilota Valenciana.


Photographic Archive Diputació d’Alacant.

Graphic Archive Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Hall.

Graphic Archive Antonio Campos Pardillos.

Graphic Archive Cultural Association Lloixa.

Graphic Archive Municipal Library Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Graphic Archive Camins Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Graphic Archive Carlos Ramos Pastor.

Graphic Archive Club de Pilota Valenciana.

Graphic Archive El Jabalí.

Graphic Archive Fernando Martínez.

Graphic Archive Foto Excursiones Alicante.

Graphic Archive Foundation Museum Fernando Soria.

Graphic Archive Hotel Torre San Juan.

Graphic Archive Isidro Buades Ripoll.

Graphic Archive Jardines de Abril.

Graphic Archive José Carlos Pons.

Graphic Archive José Manuel Caturla Ordóñez.

Graphic Archive Major Board of Brotherhoods of the Holy Week Sant Joan d’Alacant.

Graphic Archive L’Almàssera del de Morote.

Graphic Archive La Torreta.

Graphic Archive María Teresa Riquelme Quiñonero.

Graphic Archive MARQ (Provincial Archaeology Museum of Alicante).

Graphic Archive Plinthus.

Graphic Archive Sociedad Musical La Paz.

Graphic Archive Villa Antonia.

Graphic Archive Villa Ramona.


Departament of Image and Promotion, Diputació d’Alacant.

Youth Department, Project ‘We move’, Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council.