APCA – Cerebral Palsy Association Alicante

The aim of APCA is the defense of the rights of those affected by Child Cerebral Palsy so they can live a normal life.


Special school for people with cerebral palsy and related syndromes subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports which has special education teachers, educators, speech therapists, physiotherapists and a care team for blind and visually impaired students to carry out the educational intervention of the enrolled students. The education and comprehensive care of the students is the main goal of our school, which employes staff with extensive experience in the field of education of students with special educational needs.

The school’s students are aged 3 to 21 years schooled. Education levels offered are: kindergarten, primary and transition to adult life. The school tries to create structured environments that offer security and stability, adapted to their needs and to bring them closer the environment. The curriculum is adapted to individual learning needs in the areas of experience of the personal development, cognitive development, communication, body and health. Promoting development is done from a global vision that encompasses all the areas of the person.

It offers a wide variety of complementary activities with its own resources as the hydrotherapy pool and with resources close to the school like the riding center for horse-assisted activities. And extracurricular activities like the school camp.

It has its own complementary services of adapted transport and school meals to meet the mobility needs and the adequate nutrition of the students. The school has a nursing service at the Center, attached to the Health Center, throughout the school day.

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Carrer Font Favara, 8, 03550 Sant Joan d'Alacant, Alicante, España
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