50th National Painting Competition Vila de Sant Joan d’Alacant.

The Town Hall of Sant Joan, from its Culture Council, has published the bases of the 50th National Contest of Painting Vila de Sant Joan d’Alacant.
Artists from all over the country can participate in this competition.
Each contestant may submit a maximum of two works. Each contestant will be responsible of the transportation and insurance expenses, both in presentation and in the removal of pictures.
All works will be original, not admitting copies of works awarded or selected in other competitions. The theme and technique will be free. The format cannot be more than 2x2m or less than 50x70cm. If a work consists of different parts (diptychs, triptychs, etc.), it will be computed for the purposes of maximum dimensions, all of them. The participants will give the necessary instructions for the assembly and exhibition of their work, when they deem it appropriate. Otherwise, no claims will be accepted. All works must be presented without framing or suitably framed by a simple wooden batten.

Cartel 50 Certamen de Pintura Villa Sant joan

The works will be presented in person or sent to the following address:
House of Culture of Sant Joan d’AlacantC / la mar s n (in front of Plaza José Carreas). 03550. Sant Joan d’Alacant.
The deadline to submit the works will be from September 1 to October 2, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
It establishes a unique prize with 4,000 euros (FOUR THOUSAND) and a diploma for the winning work, and two honorable mentions recognized with a diploma.

More information: 965 94 11 29 / cultura@santjoandalacant.es

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