Bonos al consumo

The Department of Economic Promotion of the Sant Joan d’Alacant City Council has once again launched the Consumer Bonds campaign with the aim of sensitizing and stimulating consumers about the importance of making their purchases in local shops. From Monday, November 22 to December 20, we can make subsidized purchases at any of the establishments that have requested to join the campaign
Among the 63 participating businesses in this edition we will find all kinds of establishments and services: bookshops, stationery, jewellery, styling, footwear, fashions, pets, academies, restaurants, coffee shops… A wide range of possibilities that make Sant Joan a perfect place to spend a family shopping day or do your Christmas shopping.

The Consumer Bonds campaign is designed so that the recipient of the incentive is the consumer, hence all customers must fill in their discounts on bonuses, the presentation of your ID will allow all citizens of legal age to make almost unlimited use of the vouchers, in accordance with Law 3/2018 of the Data Protection Law, the personal data provided will be kept by the City Council for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of the campaign for subsequent destruction.

One characteristic of this initiative is that the client is not obliged to be registered in the municipality, so much so that the Department of Economic Promotion invests in carrying out a strong regional campaign to attract clients from other municipalities. In addition, it does not force the consumer to install an APP, or register for a program, give bank details or buy bonds in advance, thus allowing greater use for customers who do not know how to use these technologies.

For each ticket or invoice of an amount greater than or equal to 30€, an immediate discount of 10€ will be applied and for each purchase of more than 15€, a 5€ discount will be applied.
Shopping in Sant Joan, we all win.


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