In Sant Joan d’Alacant is celebrated the Ramblero Saturday which coincides with the national calendar. In Avenida Jaume I, children’s games and workshops are set from the first hours of the evening for the enjoyment of the youngest. The evening is also livened up with entertainment, musical groups and dances for the attending public. This event has space for all the ages, from the youngest to the oldest ones. The Town Hall, in collaboration with the Festival Associations of the municipality, organizes a “Costume Contest” with a snack for participants at the end. A catwalk is placed where all the attendees who wish to and who come dressed up can parade and participate in the contest. There will be rewards for the most original and funny costumes according to several different categories.


From 2015 a Mardi Grass Grass is celebrated on Saturday morning. It is a parade through the downtown streets, enlivened with live music and New Orleans-style dances. This ends in Plaza la Ordana, where everyone gathers together to enjoy live music.

Did you know…?This is one of the most popular fiestas not only in Sant Joan d’Alacant but throughout the province of Alicante. This festivity takes place year after year filling with fantasy and joys the streets of our town with music, activities and many costumes. From the Town Council of Sant Joan d’Alacant we try to promote, care and develop day by day this rich intangible heritage so that future generations can continue celebrating and enjoying this festivity.

Did you know…?

This celebration has been documented since the Middle Ages and has been adapted to different times, regimes and socioeconomic situations of each region from its origins to the celebration in its current form. It supposes a mix of different pagan holidays associated with Christian celebrations, in this case Lent, since it takes place immediately before the Christian Lent; hence the date of its celebration can vary between February and March.

Carnival combines elements such as costumes, parades and outdoor parties in a period in when rules are relaxed and there is a greater permissiveness and even a certain lack of control.

In Spain, it is a festivity with a rich personality that has been collected in the Spanish literature and other arts in the different municipalities of the national territory. With a more recent history and approach are known internationally the carnivals of Cadiz and Tenerife which enjoy the category International Festivity of Tourist Interest. In almost all variations of the Spanish carnival party, there is a special tradition on Thursday Lardero, called Dijous de Gras in Alicante, and Ash Wednesday (celebrated 46 days before Easter).