Auditorium: with capacity for 500 people (it is used for theatre programming, concerts, events, congresses, cinema, shows, festivals and deliveries of class graduation photographs of the Educational Centres of the municipality.

Conference room: with capacity for 50 people, equipped with audiovisual aids, it is used for workshops, conferences, presentation books, press conferences and informative talks.

Exhibition hall: called Sala de Pablo Lao.

Theater and circus hall: for the theatre and circus workshops, as well as the rehearsals of the various amateur groups of the municipality.

Room of plastic arts: space destined to impart workshops of painting, sculpture, ceramics and handicrafts.

Dance room: space destined to the ballet and dance workshops.

Multipurpose room: space reserved for various workshops such as taichi, preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding, ballroom dancing.

Auditorium for rehearsals of the Musical Society La Paz: located in an annex to the auditorium, is equipped for the rehearsals of the musicians of the Society.



Municipal Board of Culture: The Municipal Board of Culture of Sant Joan d’Alacant is an organ of participation, through which different groups and / or people related to the cultural sector of the municipality can find a suitable forum to channel their opinions, suggestions, needs, problems, proposals, initiatives, and concerns, so they can be taken into account when making municipal decisions that may affect them, as well as joining efforts to make profitable the work done in the pursuit of common objectives.

The Municipal Board of Culture was constituted on 16 March 2015 but the members of the Board ceased in full with the renewal of the local government. At present, work is being carried out to announce the new members of the Board.

There are Five Permanent Working Committees:

1. Fine and visual arts. Audiovisual, cinema and photography.

2. Theatre and circus arts.

3. Music.

4. Writing and comics.

5. Cultural heritage and popular culture.

Contests and Samples

National Painting Competition Vila de Sant Joan d’Alacant. XLIX Edition

Sant Joan d’Alacant Film Festival. XVI Edition on Short Films with the Certificate of Quality Festivals Short Film 2016 by the Association of the Short Film Industry (AIC).

Narrative Contest Hoguera Plaza Maisonnave. X Edition

National Photography Contest Vila de Sant Joan d’Alacant. III Edition

Grecolatino Theatre Show. I Edition

Student Congresses of the Miguel Hernández University.

Physiotherapy Students Congress

Pharmacy Student Congress

Occupational Therapy Student Congress

Podiatry Student Congress

Cultural agenda: currently the programming is made bi-monthly and is usually published on the Town Hall’s website, Tourism and on paper, making it available on the street at the beginning of the corresponding period.

Cultural Workshops

Musical Society La Paz: extraordinary concerts, Spring concerts, Santa Cecilia, Christmas, auditions in June and December, Summer Festivals and the Ignacio Melón Memorial.

Orchestra of Pulso and Púa of Sant Joan: extraordinary concerts, Spring concerts, Santa Cecilia, Christmas and Summer Festivals.

Orfeón of San Juan: extraordinary concerts, Spring concerts, Santa Cecilia, Christmas and Summer Festivals.

Theatre performances: one-to-two plays of all theatrical groups of the municipality (Treatre, Kynortion, Lapsus, Miranos, Lloixa Cultural Association and the newly created El Gallinero) are scheduled for the whole year. Also at the end of the academic year (June), performances of the theatre workshops usually take place.

During the months of July and August, the Summer Festivals are held. Stages are set up for the official and musical events outside the House of Culture, at the heart of plaza José Carreras.

Agreements and collaborations

Agreement with the UMH (Miguel Hernández University)

Agreement with the UA (Alicante University)

Collaboration with the Red Cross (cession of rooms of the House of Culture and Cultural Centre)

Collaboration with the Unit of Attention to the Family-Dr. Izquierdo (cession of rooms of the House of Culture and Cultural Centre)

Collaboration with the Conservatory Villa de San Juan (teaching lessons in our facilities of woodwind instruments, metal-wind, rubbed string, percussion and piano.

School for Young Creation

The City Council of Sant Joan d’Alacant, through the Council of Youth, and in accordance with art. 48 of the Spanish Constitution that states that “public authorities shall promote the conditions for the free and effective participation of youth in political, social, economic and cultural development” and in order to enhance the creative capacity of young people, creates the Municipal School for Young Creation.

This Municipal School for Young Creation, which was launched for the first time at the beginning of 2008, was created with the objective of satisfying the creative concerns of the young people of Sant Joan d’Alacant, with the development of activities related to the plastic, scenic, musical, audiovisual arts, etc. Encouraging, on the one hand, a place for learning, and on the other, providing for a space for meeting and exchange of knowledge in the field of artistic expression and alternative leisure on weekends.

The objectives:

– Enhance creative capacities among young people in one of the artistic expression disciplines.

– Encourage the participation of youth and promote youth associations in the field of artistic creation.

– Encourage a new model to occupy the free time of young people in a more creative way.

– Promote an alternative form of leisure to the usual weekends, when the workshops are developed.

Nos Movemos Project (We Move) 

Nos Movemos is a project of the Council of Youth where the protagonists are young people with diverse capacities that come together with the objective of creating a movement of cooperation, solidarity, creativity, mutual learning and inclusion through the performing arts.

It starts by working in group regardless of the specific characteristics of each member. From this group something magical emerges in which young people extract a mutual learning enriching the whole process. Very positive incentives that constitute a very valuable asset and that form the central axis of the project.

The experience lived through the project is what leads to its use as a resource for raising awareness among young people about the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. In this way, we contribute to achive one of the most important aims: to disseminate and publicize the project as a tool for the visibility and standardization of functional diversity, encouraging respect and acceptance to people with diverse capacities.

Nos Movemos + inclusive leisure

An offer of inclusive leisure is worked through leisure activities, 1 day or the whole weekend, that at the same time have a formative character and are complementary in the field of the performing arts. During a weekend, activities to improve performing arts are combined with activities of group evaluation, animation and cohesion, as well as ludic activities like tourist visits to the municipalities where the activity takes place..