The Camí Reial de Vila Joiosa (Villajoyosa) is called Vereda de Benimagrell (Benimagrell lane) when it crosses Sant Joan. The lanes are cattle trails declared of public domain. They are used by shepherds and farmers to move cattle, procuring them food and care. The House Mosen Saez is located in a mythical surrounding between the farm Caputxo and the Quatre Camins landmark. Quatre Camins is the intersection of the vereda de Benimagrell and the Camí del Campet (Campet road). The route still crosses cultivated fields, for almost a kilometre we get to forget the desolation to which Alacant camp (Alicante’s Countryside) has been reduced. In addition, numerous fences enclose the route with very creative finishings in wood, stone, plastered concrete, tinged with bougainvillea, that delights the walkers. Road traffic is not very frequent so the walk, accompanied by bird songs, is a regenerative experience.

Regarding the house Mosén Sáez, the building is rectangular. It is accessed from a spacious hall, divided into two bays by an arch that separates the home of the tenant farmer and cellar. It preserves the traditional kitchen, with a large extractor hood and the staircase that gives access to the first floor where the bedrooms are located. The main facades have very different treatments. While the facade facing the Benimagrell lane hardly has any windows, the facade facing south has several large windows and a balcony on the top floor. An important pine forest tinges the light falling on that facade.

The lobby has remarkable constructive elements, such as the pavement formed by river stones, the course of stone blocks of the Tuscan arch, the parapet of the staircase or a well with a parapet. Other rooms worth mentioning are a storehouse and the cellar, a warehouse with flat roof which still preserves a “cup” inside, which is the pond where the grapes were stomped, and the square drying space outside paved with herringbone-arranged ceramic bricks.

The age of the building and its attractive elements linked to the wine imaginary, the agricultural network that still occupies a large extension of the territory, along with the beauty of the road, make this stretch of the Benimagrell lane one of the landmarks of Sant Joan d’Alacant with more scenic interest.