Finca Espinós is very close to the Miguel Hernandez campus and the Hospital of Sant Joan d’Alacant. The most characteristic features are the finishing, shaped in the form of a turret, and the hipped roof of flat tiles decorated with ceramic ridges. This construction consists of two floors. Initially, the ground floor hosted those rooms related to agricultural life allowing passage to the stables and corrals that are unrecognisable today. The noble rooms of the house were on the top floor. They have now been transformed into luxury suite rooms, after the refurbishment work that took place to transform the house into a hotel.

Of the original facades and ornamental elements almost nothing is left due to the recent interventions of the past century which have led to the appearance of, for example, a porch with huge elliptical arches, the layout of window wells and the treatment of the joinery. The use of this property as a place of relaxation has allowed the conservation of the garden in which the pine forest stands out. The chronicler Viravens mentions it on his writings together with the person who was its owner, Pedro Garcia Andreu, in 1876.