A ceramic plaque placed on the door reminds us of this fact. The insignia reads: “Our Lady of Loreto cried here on 1 May 1545”. The chronicles tell that at that time Alacant’s Horta (Cropland) suffered a terrible drought. The desperation was so deep that a Rogation procession was organized to move the altarpiece of the Virgin from the church of Mutxamel to the monastery of Santa Faç. Returning from the procession on the way to Sant Joan, the bearer of the board, the priest Llorenç Boix, stopped exhausted by the effort of carrying the heavy figure. Then, everyone present saw tears pouring from the Virgin’s eyes. Shortly after that episode, it began to rain, so the neighbours attributed the event to the intermediation of their Virgin. A plain cross was placed there to commemorate the miracle. We know much of this history thanks to the manuscript of the priest Juan Artés from the sixteenth century, and to the Book of the Brotherhood of the Virgin.