The festival of Fabraquer opens the strong festive period that precedes the Celebrations of the Christ. It takes place in this picturesque enclave of the ‘Horta’ the first and second weekend of August in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, organized by the festival committee of Fabraquer and the collaboration of the municipalities of Sant Joan d’Alacant and El Campello, since the district is divided between both municipalities.

Originally, the festival was celebrated around the hermitage of farm April since the nineteenth century. Nevertheless, when the hermitage was included inside the fence of the property and closed to the public, the neighbours had no place of worship and the festival was interrupted.

However, in 1966, the residents of Fabraquer regained their festival thanks to their enthusiasm. All of them decided to celebrate it as they used to. A new festive commission was created to organize the events. The festival returned with the attendance and participation of numerous neighbours of Sant Joan. Even a new image of the Virgin of the Rosary was carved by the brothers Blanco.

However, despite the efforts, the festival was interrupted very shortly after and it was necessary to wait until 1981 to recover it, date from which they have been luckily celebrated so far. In those years the acts were definitively consolidated having as main stages, the camino de Marco, the Merced hermitage and the Sant Joan’s municipal sports centre.

In 1991, a new hermitage was built thanks to the neighbours to celebrate the weekly cult there and, of course, to be able to celebrate several acts of the festival. Since then, it is one of the most typical elements of Fabraquer and one of its most representative buildings.

At present, the main events are the proclamation of the rosaries, parades, brotherhood lunch, and the central acts like the pilgrimage with the Virgin of the Rosary by the road that crosses this enclave of the ‘Horta’, act with a clear huertano (from the ‘Horta’ or cropland) flavour and style.