Film library Sant Joan d’Alacant dedicates a cycle to the Iranian cinema

The seventh season of the Film Archive of Sant Joan d’Alacant ends with a sixth cycle dedicated to the analysis and study of new Iranian cinema, marked by the Islamic Revolution of 1979, and includes several generations of filmmakers whose film legacy is essential for meeting the current Iranian society, a month marked by the Nowruz (نوروز), the Persian new year celebration on 21st of March.


It’s a cinema, mostly of remarkable artistic quality, carried out by a few thousand filmmakers from all sources and training. Although in the last 30 years of war with Iraq and the dictatorial regime have caused the “brain drain” opposed to the government. Iranian cinema has been recognized abroad and has achieved the biggest prizes in the most prestigious festivals in the world. They have achieved filmmakers with analogous to those of Italian Neorealism, the French Nouvelle Vague, the Free British Cinema and even part of New Spanish Cinema of the 60s. However, novel style the challenge of the new Iranian cinema craved much higher, due to the relentless censorship which is submitted by the Committee on Culture and Islamic film. The need to express “no show”, “not to mention” has made the Iranian film serves as a visual and narrative poetry only rhetoric in today’s cinematography, that has led to the summit of modern cinema.

With the latter cycle of the Film library, ” THE CINEMA GIVES THEY WILL GO “, it is honoured, precisely, to the figure of Abbas Kiarostami, the great Iranian filmmaker, angular stone of the new cinema of Iran, which expired on July 4, 2016. Press Asghar Farhadi, after being awarded the Academy Award for Best Picture Foreign Language by THE SALESMAN (Forushande, 2016) in the Gala of the 89th edition of the Oscars, on February 26, 2017. Here is his statement in the Gala:

«It is a great honour to receive this valuable prize for the second time. I want to thank the members of the Academy, my team in Iran, my producer Alexandre Mallet-Guy, half Cohen, Amazon and my fellow nominees in the category of best foreign film. I regret not being with you tonight. My absence is based on respect for the people of my country and the other six countries that the inhuman law prohibiting the entry of immigrants in US. Dividing the world into the categories of “us” and “our enemies” is a source of fear. A specious justification for aggression and war. Wars like those that prevent democracy and human rights in countries that have been victims of these attacks. The directors have the power to focus their cameras to capture the human qualities that we share and break stereotypes about religions and nationalities; to create empathy between us and others. Empathy we need today more than ever. »

The projections will be carried out in the Audience of the Sant Joan d’Alcant Culture Centre to the 20.00h in V.O.S and with admission is free. The relation of titles and his respective dates is the following one:

On March 6 THE FLAVOR OF THE CHERRIES 1997- 98 m
On March 13 THE WHITE GLOBE 1995- 85 m-
On March 20 BARAN (RAIN) 2001- 94 m-
On March 27 NADER AND SIMIN, A SEPARATION 2011- 123 m
On April 6 PERSEPOLIS 2007- 95 m

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