La Providencia or Candal is a farm of the eighteenth century located in the district of La Condomina, surrounded by streets that lead nowhere. Originally, it was a typical farmhouse of the Alacant´s Horta(Croplands) but it later became a residential dwelling. Therefore numerous renovations had to be made, the last in the eighties of the twentieth century.

The house consists of a number of constructions that are added to the set, with different heights and covers depending on the purposes of each piece. On the main facade the semicircular arch of the entrance is remarkable. On the west we find the old cellar and drying room; the first was a place with two parts, and the second had two floors, whose “facade to the west is the largest and their enclosure walls are formed like in a riu-rau” as described by the architect Santiago Varela. Among the remarkable features that we can find inside the house we can highlight the joinery of the eighteenth century century, the hydraulic pavements of the lobby and the staircase, and some metalwork from old centuries.

There is a large pine forest that partially hides the house on the south-east and west sides. From Capiscol Avenue the protagonists are the pine trees, palm trees, jacarandas, cypresses, a historic carob, bougainvilleas, oleanders and blue plumbagos hovering over the white fence of hollow terracotta bricks. There is still an entry to the property sheltered by bougainvilleas, in the “no man’s land” that has remained between the limits of the farm and an avenue of recent creation called Conrado Albaladejo.