In the mid-nineteenth century the owners of this residence were the Counts of Soto-Ameno. The current farm has undergone numerous expansions and remodelling, being the last one consequence of the widening of the road. This public work involved the demolition of several auxiliary buildings and the construction of a new building on the south side. On the north side, the noble coat of arms stands out above the arch of the main door and under the simple balconies of the main floor, with wooden floors and forged iron sills.

Pine trees, ficus, magnificent palm trees, along with a false pepper tree, accompanied by shrubbery, surround the northern side of the house. Meanwhile, in the abandoned orchards on the southern part, there are still some specimens of carob tree, specie that, together with the olive tree, has become the last testimony of what were once the now forgotten fields of the Alacant’s Horta (Cropland).

Currently, La Torreta has been converted into a space for events and ceremonies. It is an experience celebrating important events in this noble building, immersed in an agricultural context, accompanied by the ornamental vegetation of its gardens, less than two kilometres away from the sea.