Finca Sant Josep is a square-plan building, with one floor and a hipped roof. We find an attached construction possibly destined to agricultural use or service accommodation with a sloping roof and an eave parallel to the facade.

The facades of the house have a symmetrical composition and a cubic arrangement, topped by an overhanging eave and by some pinnacles in the corners. The porch on the facade facing south is remarkable. In addition, we find ornamental elements from the late nineteenth century such as the brickmoulds of the windows, the false dressed-stone marking the vertical and horizontal joints, the joinery and the prefabricated concrete sills of the terrace. However, the facade of the other construction is asymmetric.

Currently, these entrances are gone, maybe due to the construction of the highway’s tunnel that runs through the south of the farm. In the same way, the garden has suffered the same fate. It was large and was traversed by perimeter and central walkways marked by iron pergolas.