Despite the numerous alterations, the Finca el de Vellós still has original features such as the large hall, rectangular in shape and divided into two bays, communicated through a semicircular arch. The main facade has a symmetrical composition, although in the last interventions an artificial stone porch which becomes a balcony on the first floor has been added. The same has happened in the east facade, gaining a wonderful space in the shadow of the porch.

A turret protrudes from the sloping gable roof. The outstanding ornamental elements are the pilasters on Tuscan-order imposts where the arch of the vestibule rests, the wrought iron parapet and the wooden handrail of the interior staircase. As for the elements of the facade, the curvilinear profile of the balconies and the different clocks located in the different facades stand out as well as the eaves of ceramic bards, forming an angle of 45 degrees. Nowadays, it is integrated in a large garden with a pinewood.