Fernando Soria foundation initiates the contest of the Prize IV of Painting where the following bases are constituted:

  1. The following prizes are established:

The 1 º prize ” the IVth REWARD OF PAINTING FERNANDO SORIA”. It will be rewarded by a diploma and 2.500 €.

2 º prize ” the IVth REWARD OF PAINTING FERNANDO SORIA”. It will be rewarded by a diploma and 1.000 €.

The Young Prize ” the IVth REWARD OF PAINTING FERNANDO SORIA”. It will be rewarded by a diploma and 500 €. For those 25-year-old minors.

  1. The beneficiaries of the prizes will be subject to a retention of 15 % of the IRPF on the amount of the same ones, according to the in force legislation.


IV premio Fernando Soria
Cartel IV Premi de Pintura Fernando Soria


  1. There will be able to meet to this contest artists of the whole Spanish territory.


4. Every competitor will be able to present only a work. They will run of his account They will traverse of his account the expenses of transport and insurance, both in presentation and in retreat of pictures.

5. All the works will be original, neither copies nor winning works being admitted not selected into other contests. The subject matter and technology will be free. The format will not be able to be a Superior to 110x100cm. Not even minor of 50x40cm. For none of his sides. If someone was consisting of different parts (diptyches, trípticos, etc.) the set will be calculated, to effects of maximum dimensions, of all of them. The participants will give the instructions necessary for the assembly and exhibition of his work, when they consider it to be opportune. Into opposite case claims will not be admitted.

6. The works will not be able to be signed. The anonymity of the works will be kept until the juror trumps the prizes.

7. All the works will have to appear without framing or framed by a simple strip of wood; to the back of each one will stick fast on enclosure that includes the following information: Title of the work, name and surnames of the author, domicile, telephone, e-mail and photocopy of ID card, as well as valuation of the same one. The 25-year-old minors will have to indicate his age in the external part of on. Likewise, there will be included a brief conceptual description of the presented work and the information of interest that the author considers to be necessary to stand out. They will have to submit personally or for agency between the 1st and 30th of April, 2017 in the Museu Fernando Soria, C/Cervantes, 19. 03550 Sant Joan d’Alacant, with the exception of Sundays evening and Mondays, as well as the festive ones of Holy Week in which the Museu will remain closed.

Selection of the works:

8. The juror will be formed by qualified persons of recognized prestige in the field of the visual arts. His composition will be publicized on having announced the failure.

9. The contest will be able to declare desert if this way the sworn censor was deciding it.

10. With the works selected by the juror one will organize an exhibition between May 20 and on June 18, 2017 in the Room Beatriz.

11. The works rewarded in the Contest will stay in property of the Foundation Fernando Soria, supporting this one the reservation of the rights of publication and reproduction of the work, without need to obtain the assent of the author.

12. The Foundation Fernando Soria will take the safety measures to his scope for the best conservation and vigilance of the works, putting for it the maximum zeal in his care; but it takes responsibility neither of the possible losses, deviations, thefts, fire, damages of the same ones or any other act foreign to his will that could take place during his transport, receipt, warehouse, exhibition or return, nor of accidents that could take place.

13. The delivery of the prizes will be realized on May 20, 2017, coinciding with the eighth anniversary of Fernando Soria’s death”. The Foundation Museu Fernando Soria will offer an exhibition to the winners from May 20 until June 17, 2018.

Return of the works:

14. The not selected works will be able to move back in a maximum period of 30 working days from the failure. The not selected works will be able to move back in a maximum period of 30 working days from the failure of the juror. The works that have not been withdrawn will happen to form a part of the heritage of the Foundation Fernando Soria.

Acceptance of the bases:

15. The participation of this contest supposes the acceptance of these bases and the conformity with the decisions of the juror, later claims not being admitted in the matter.


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