The Partidor del Toril is located at 12-14 Comandante Seva Street, next to the Maisonnave Square and the San Juan Baustita Parish Church.

Plano de lineaciones de Sant Joan 1897. AMSJA

The irrigation channel system of the Huerta de Alicante is determined in our town by two fundamental axes. On the one hand, the Mayor Irrigation Channel, which brought the water of the Río Monnegre from the Azud de Mutxamel to the northern part of Sant Joan d’Alacant. On the other hand, the Gualeró Irrigation Channel built in 1377 to bring the water from the Azud de Sant Joan. Both irrigation channels converge on the historical Maigmona Street, where a mill was built in order to take advantage of the water.

The Partidor del Toril was a key element in the irrigation system. It was built between the 15th and the 16th centuries, probably next to the disappeared defensive tower of Juan Sernia. It allowed dividing the flow of the Mayor Irrigation Channel in two different ones at this point. The main one, continued along Mayor Street and El Carmen Street towards Benimagrell and the secondary one, called Moleta which diverted the water towards Fabraquer. Its original shape was smaller and rectangular. The edge of the partidor was made with ashlars that hold up the door and the system that direct the water to one side or the other. However, its current appearance is the result of successive urban reforms.

With the fall of the agricultural activity in our town and the arrival of modern systems of canalization and distribution of the water, the irrigation channel network was in disuse and the partidor was relegated to oblivion for decades.

Estado del Partidor del Toril en 2007 y en 2017. AC Lloixa y AMSJA

Over the time and due to the abandonment, the partidor experienced a severe deterioration. However, the remodelling works on Maisonnave Square in 2015, favoured the demolitions of the building that occupy the plot exposing it. After exhaustive cleaning work and rehabilitation of its structure, the site remains visible through a protective glass so that santjoaners and visitors can enjoy this historic construction of the irrigation system of the Huerta de Alicante.

Did you know?

The water from the irrigation channels was not only used to water the croplands, but also to fill both private and public wells. A few meters from here, in front of the parish church, there was a public one maintained by the City Council.

Actual view of Partidor del Toril. Video “Sant Joan: Agua y Tierra”