Pasodobles for the festivities concert

The head band of the musical society “La Paz” directed by Joan Espinosa, will perform this Friday, September 1st, the traditional concert of festivities. The event, a prelude to the major festivities, organized by the musical society “La Paz” with the collaboration of the festivities and culture areas of the town hall, will takOk e place in the exterior stage of the house of culture at 9 pm with free admission.


This is the first official event at which the newly crowned queen and children’s ladies of the feasts will attend in honor of the Holy Christ of Peace, and which is also expected the attendance of representatives of the different festive committees of the town and the penyas, to whom the band dedicates the concert.

ProgramaThe festivity committee and the board of penyas have chosen several pasodobles, which will be performed by the band. Also, there will be interpreted ‘Amat ’pasodobles in memory of the recently deceased musician Alfredo Amat and ‘José Ángel Espinós’ pasodobles in tribute to the president of the entity that this year is the town tout.
Prior to this act, there will be presented the suits that will wear our Queen and ladies of 2017, in the hall of the house of culture at 19.30.

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