Health & Well-being

Our municipality, from its sanitary and social welfare areas, has the mission to promote public health by means of prevention, information, training and health surveillance, managing its own resources to improve the life quality of the its citizens.

Its parks and gardens, hotels and residences, invite to resting and well-being.

Health centres can be searched on our website through the health and well-being tab. We have the sanitary pillars of provincial reference such as the Sant Joan University Hospital and the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) with the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, in addition to the Centre of Transfusions of the Valencian Community and the Health Centre.

The Institute of Neurosciences, dependent on the UMH and the CSIC, is a reference at the European level. Since 1999, the Institute has consolidated its position as a national and international reference centre in the field of neuroscience. In 2013, the Institute obtained the accreditation of Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence and some of its scientists have the Rey Jaime I Award in Basic Research: Carlos Belmonte (1992), Ángela Nieto (2009) and Óscar Marín (2011 ).

CiudadAlso the Psychiatric Centre and the Anti-alcoholic Unit are located in the municipality, both dependents on the Provincial Council. Regarding community services and health care services, the town has the San Juan Residential Complex (PSN) and the Residential Centre for Railway Pensioners due to its assistance character. The Municipal Centre for Elderly People “Salvador Gosálbez Alberola”, on the other hand, is a socio-cultural reference for this age group, with its varied offer of workshops and activities.