The Sant Antoni or El de Pro house is of residential type, occupies a slightly rectangular floor and presents a very compact volume. On the ground floor, there is a vestibule of two bays connected by an opening formed by an enormous ashlar arch. To this room would open the different specific units dedicated to the development of agricultural life such as the stables and the cellar, located in the backside and currently converted into a warehouse.

As for the upper floor, it surrounds the hall and housed the rooms destined to public and private life such as the rooms located above the cellar, the bedrooms and a small chapel where Santa Rita was venerated. There is a tradition of visiting the saint on the day of her day, on 22 May.

The main facade of this building is oriented west and it shows the remodelling made during the nineteenth century, which include the brick moulds of the windows, the joinery and the locksmith of the balconies.

In addition, we must mention the metalwork of the back facades since for their formal characteristics they can be dated back to the eighteenth century; as well as the original clay pavement of the hall. Finally, there is a patio parallel to the main facade where some interesting pine trees stand out because of their size and their age.