Looking at the boundary between the University Hospital and the road, the remnants of that path crowded by cypresses and wonderful bougainvillea are still visible. Walking through the path you will see the chapel and next to it the tower with its old sundial on the facade. It is a prismatic construction of rectangular base and a plinth at the base, topped by a frame. It is built in ashlar based on load-bearing walls fastened with lime mortar and gravel. The tower has three floors and several openings, small windows and two balconies on the second floor, plus a basement. The old farmhouse is attached to two of its four sides. The farm has a second sundial not visible from the street.

Approaching to the end of the condominium we find an ashlar arch that served as entrance to the farm. This is a very interesting piece that was moved from its original location. Formerly it was the starting point of a route that led to the house. The arch remained dismantled over several years until it was rebuilt in the present location, next to the roundabout that gives access to the University Hospital of Sant Joan d’Alacant. For several decades the arch was a point of water supply for the residents of the Santa Faç. This was possible thanks to the installation of a small tap in 1938, year in which drinking water was brought to Sant Joan.

The construction of the new avenue meant the disconnection between the farm and the adjacent fields, although the orchards still remain in the south-east edge. In addition, the property has beautiful gardens with flower beds, cypresses and pine trees. At the entrance we can see a century-old dragon tree and an also centenary monkey-puzzle tree with an inclination of its trunk as remarkable as its ostensible height.

The farm belonged to the noble family of the Counts de Rojas. This family came from the city of Burgos and played a crucial role in the conquest of Al-Andalus, after which some members of the lineage settled in Alacant and València. Important personalities of the family such as José Miguel de Rojas y Perez de Sarrio (1786-1833), III Count of the House de Rojas, Maestrante of Seville and painter of the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando stand out. We can also mention Jose Maria de Rojas y Canicia (1819-1895), IV Count of the House of Rojas, Knight of Calatrava and Maestrante of Valencia. Among those born and baptized in Sant Joan we highlight Rafael de Rojas y Galiano (1852-1936), V Count of the House of Rojas and Marquis of Algorfa, who was later killed at the beginning of the Civil War.