It is known that at the beginning of the twentieth century the owner of this residence was Tomás Torregrosa García. All the facades of Villa Carmen have been greatly modified. The most important change has taken place in the garden. The result of the several interventions in the facades has been the loss of their symmetrical composition. On the upper floor we find the public and private rooms of the owner.

As ornamental elements we can highlight the pavement of rectangular pieces of yellow ceramic arranged in the shape of a spike in the vestibule; square ceramic tiles in red and yellow checkerboard on the noble floor, painted in brown; the eaves formed of ceramic bricks painted in rust-red and white; the balconies secured by little iron pieces, with wooden boards and the wrought iron-forged parapets without ornamentation. The old cellar, on the west side of the house and with a differentiated access facing east, has now been turned into bedrooms. Nowadays, we find another cellar attached to the north facade.