This activity is a zombie-themed Real Game in which participants will have to survive the entire night the infection of the zombies by carrying out several missions that they will find in different points of the town, including public buildings ceded by the Town Council for this event. They will also have to interplay with soldiers and characters. It is an alternative leisure experience which will start at 23:00 on Saturday 7 July and will end at 6am on Sunday. Participants will have to do the check-in (located in Casa de Cultura) from 17:00 to 20:00 hours, where they will exchange their tickets for the kit for participants, including as well one of the backpacks offered by the City Council.

The event is suitable for almost everyone; the minimum advised age is 12 years old. This is a leisure alternative in which alcohol, as well as any other substances that may reduce or alter physical and psychological conditions of participants, is forbidden. Minors will need a written parents’ permission to participate. It can be downloaded at the rules section of the website . Children under 14 will also have to go with an adult during the entire event. All participants will be identified with a green garment. Those who participate from the beginning as zombies, or those who have been lately infected by one of them, will be identified with an orange garment. All identifications will be given by the organization after presenting the ticket in the check-in. Only soldiers, actors and running zombies will wear a yellow identification. Go to to get more information on the game, its rules and other advices.

Tickets can be bought in Sant Joan d’Alacant at a reduced price of 15 euro only in the authorised point of sale in the cafeteria of Casa de Cultura or, if you are a peñista, by contacting the Junta de Peñas. These tickets are limited, until they sell out, and only as a Survivor, which includes Zombie make-up if you are infected. The remaining tickets can be acquired online at the Viral Zombie website at a standard price. This event is expected to generate an important economic and touristic impact in Sant Joan d’Alacant. The participation of players from the town as well as visitors is also expected. We invite the non-participant neighbours to join the atmosphere in the street and know the different missions that will be carried out outside.



17:00 to 20:00h. Collection of participants’ tickets and delivery of the kit for the activity. Hall of Casa de Cultura.
22:45h. Participants grouping in the area of the opening scene. Plaza la Ordana.
23:00h. Beginning of the event.


5:30h. Ending of missions.
6:00h. Event closing and participants and interactive participants grouping for prize giving. Casa de Cultura.


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